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Print Options

Print Options

Smartone offers various printing options for plastic cards. Not all print options are available for every card thickness. If you are interested in print options, or to determine which options are right for you, contact us (852) 2421-6866 or chat now.


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Gold/Silver powder card

     This gold/silver powder card, also known as pearl card, gold/silver card, flash card, is added with gold or silver powder when the card is synthesized, which will create a starry metallic sheen. This card can be flashed locally, or the entire card can be flashed in gold or silver, depending on customer's requirements.

gold power plastic card

     This card process is difficult to produce and the production cycle is long, but the finished card has a good effect, it looks more refined, better in feel, and high-end atmosphere than the ordinary plastic card. Although the gold powder card looks high-end, there are still some things worth noting. There will be a certain color difference in the printing color of the flash gold card, because the printing color is printed on the gold base, the ordinary printing color and the gold base are superimposed together, the color will change with the depth of the gold base, so there will be a certain color difference in gold/silver powder card printing.

silver power pvc card


     As a RFID products manufacturing expert, Smartone has been making gold/silver powder service for custom plastic cards over 20 years. Whether you want to purchase wholesale smart card or create plastic cards with your customized design, Smart One has for the perfect solution for your business. With no minimum order requirements, we can produce your cards quickly. If you have any questions about plastic cards, feel free to contact us, [email protected] we will respond within 24 hours or less!

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