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What Is A Student Pick Up Card?

   As students in kindergarten are getting younger and younger, the safety of student's transportation becomes more and more important. The traditional method of picking up student is generally that the parents send the students to the school gate in the morning, and when school is over, the parents will pick up the students from the school gate to school. In this way, on the one hand, it is not easy to identify whether the pick-up person is the real parent or not, which poses a safety hazard. On the other hand, multiple pick-up and drop-off people to pick up and drop the students can easily cause congestion at the school entrance. The guardian cannot get the specific information about the students going to school.

Parents use smart pick up card to pick up students

   Therefore, the smart student pick up card was born. The smart pick up card is a supporting product of the kindergarten's safe pick-up system. It can verify the parent's identity . When swiping the pick up card, it will call the child's name and record the pick-up information. Without a pick up card, you will not be able to enter the kindergarten. It effectively prevents accidents from happening, clarifies accident responsibilities, and enhances the kindergarten and parents' awareness of prevention in the transfer link.

   The smart pick up cards have the following functions:

  • Verify the identity of the parent: the child's name will be called when swiping the card.

  • Record pick-up information: When swiping the card, it will record pick-up time, pick-up person and other related information

  • Swipe to take pictures: When swiping the card, they will take pictures of the pick-up person, so that there is a certificate

  • Send safe SMS: When you swipe your card, you will send a safe SMS to the parents' mobile phones. Now many students are picked up by grandparents after school. At this time, if you can send a text message to the parents' mobile phones, parents can be more at ease.


   The smart pick up card is an inductive IC card. The standard size is 85.5x54 mm, which is the same size as a bank card. Like other plastic cards, the smart pick up card can be customized. If you already have a custom design you want to use, send the document to us. If you want to create a new look, you can also request help from a designer on our team. We can design for you for free according to customer requirements. A variety of printing options are available to choose from, such as matte, frosted, glossy, hot stamping, filming, color printing, UV barcode, etc.

   SmartOne is a plastic card manufacturer with 20 years of experience in card production. We have a professional design team to creat various custom smart pick up cards to meet all your requirement. If you want to know more about the production process of kindergarten pick up cards, you can consult us and we're here to help.

2022-07-25 10:16:05