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In order to make it easier for you to understand and select the plastic card that meets your needs, we will continue to organize professional introductions to the details of plastic cards printing and design.


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Elevate Your Brand With Gold Metallic Plastic Cards

   When you want to make your plastic card shine, gold metallic plastic card is a good choice. Gold metallic cards are different from the metal cards or other plastic cards we usually see. Your plastic cards with gold metallic stock will shine under light, and it looks like there are some small sparkling powders on the surface of the plastic card material. The gold metallic process is most commonly used on the gold card surface. They are often used as high-end VIP gold cards because of its high-end and noble appearance.

gold metallic plastic cards

    The standard size is 85mm x 54mm, which is the same as a credit card. The standard thickness is 0.76mm. We provide you with a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes to make your gold metallic plastic cards as custom as your personality. Each card shipped with a protective film that needs to be removed once received.

gold metallic plastic cards with gold embossed numbers

   You can add metallic effect to your logo and other card areas. Metallic ink can also be applied to the full plastic card background for an overall glitter effect. Metallic ink is perfect for VIP cards, membership cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and more. Most customers choose to make gold metallic cards, and then add a gold foil process to the embossed numbers, so that the plastic cards look more high-end. If you plan to make a gold cards, you can try these options. 

   At Smart One, we offer tons of different customization options, allowing you to get gold metallic plastic cards that look professional, meet your needs, and reflect your business.

  • Surface (glossy, matte, frosted, brushed, relief)

  • Available Chips (SLE5542, SLE5528, FM4442, FM24C02, ISSI4442, ISSI4428, AT24C02, AT 93C46A, AT88SC102-09PT, etc.)

  • Card Background (gold, silver or other colors )

  • Local Spot UV Effect

  • Hot Stamping (gold, silver, laser or other colors)

  • Embossing name, number and date (gold, silver or colorless for options)

  • Magnetic Stripe: ( Hi/Lo: 300Oe,2750Oe,4000Oe)

  • Signature Panel

  • Scratch off

  • Barcode (39 Barcode, 13 Barcode, 128 Barcode), OR Code

  • Punching Hole (hole, slot, butterfly hole)

  • Security: UV Security Printing(Ultraviolet), Water Mark, Micro Text, Guilloche pattern, etc

  • Others: Holograms, Gilding, Portrait, Anti-Fack Logo, Laser logo, labeling, etc

   Make your brand pop while leaving a lasting impression with gold metallic plastic cards. SmartOne is a plastic card manufacturer with 20 years of experience in card production. We have the ability of professional printing crafts for gold metallic plastic cards printing. We're committed to designing personalized gold metallic plastic cards with the print effect you want. If you have any questions about gold metallic plastic cards printing, feel free to contact us, [email protected] we will respond you soon!

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