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What Are The Types Of Smart Card Chips?

   When it comes to smart chip cards, we often see them in our lives, such as credit cards, bus cards, subway cards, and membership cards. A smart card is a plastic card with an embedded smart chip. A card without a chip can only be called a plastic card, which only has the content on the surface of the card. The chip of the smart card can help realize functions such as access control, attendance, and stored-value consumption.

   What are the types of smart card chips? We first need to understand the classification of smart chip cards. Different types of smart chip cards use different chips. Smart chip cards mainly has the following types: IC chip card, ID chip card and CPU chip card.

(1) Smart IC chip card
Smart IC chip card
   Smart IC chip cards can be divided into contact IC cards and non-contact IC cards in terms of working mode. Smart IC chip cards can be divided into contact IC cards and non-contact IC cards in terms of working mode. The chip of the contact IC card is encapsulated in a PVC card, and the chip is exposed, and the data can be read and written only when it is in contact with a card reader such as a card slot. The chip of the non-contact IC card is encapsulated into the PVC card material and cannot be seen from the surface. The radio waves of the chip in the card can sense and read data with the card reader at a long distance. The commonly used chips for contact IC cards include SLE4428, SLE4442, FM4442, FM4428, etc. The commonly used chips for non-contact IC cards include Mifare S70, Mifare S50, F08, etc.

(2) Smart ID chip card
Smart ID chip card
   Smart ID chip cards are low-frequency cards with a working frequency of 125KHz, such as door cards, parking cards, keychain cards, canteen meal cards, etc. Now the market uses a passive ID card with a unique serial number. The serial number of the ID chip card is fixed before leaving the factory and cannot be changed. The commonly used chips for smart ID chip cards include EM4100, EM4102, SMC4001, NT8803, NT8805, etc.

(3) Smart CPU chip card
Smart CPU chip card
   CPU chip card is also a kind of IC card, but CPU card is higher than IC card. The advantages of the CPU card are large storage space, fast reading speed, and support for one card with multiple functions. The security is much higher than that of ordinary IC cards, and it is suitable for many fields such as finance, insurance, traffic police, and government industries. The commonly used chip for smart CPU chip cards include CPU1204, CPU1208 and so on.

   The above are the major types of smart chip cards. How to choose a chip when designing a smart card? No matter which one you choose, it mainly depends on your requirements for the card. For example, do you want a contact or inductive working mode? Do you only need identification in the card or do you want a consumer function? Well, the answer is in your mind. Is there anything else you need to know? Welcome to contact us and we're here to help.
2020-10-23 15:21:10