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Print Options

Print Options

Smartone offers various printing options for plastic cards. Not all print options are available for every card thickness. If you are interested in print options, or to determine which options are right for you, contact us (852) 2421-6866 or chat now.


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Custom die cut plastic card design for your business

Die cut plastic card

     If you're looking for custom shaped business cards, then die cut plastic cards might be the best choice for you. Usually irregular shapes can be called die cut cards or shape cards, such as rectangles, squares, triangles, circles, etc. Die cut cards can be customized in any shapes and sizes, which breaks through the limitations of traditional standard-size cards. Whether you're looking for custom die cut plastic cards of any custom shape, our staff can work with you to find the perfect fit.

Die cut plastic cards

     The unique personality design of die cut cards attracts more attention and enhances the brand image. To be more beautiful, professional and luxurious, it could also be added with a number of available crafts, including glossy, matte, frosted finished, barcode, encoding, screen printing gold/silver, bronzing/silver, punching and so on. Die cut cards are commonly used in various exhibitions, plazas, large-scale conferences, clothing, food and beverage dishes and other industries.
     We also provide some pre-designed card shapes for you to choose from. All plastic die cut cards are available in full color with printing on one or both sides, in white-stock PVC or clear. Smartone has been making custom die cut plastic cards over 20 years. We have the technology and the experience you need to get great results. If you are interested in a custom shaped card, or to determine which shapes are right for you. Welcome to contact us and we're here to help.

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