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Print Options

Print Options

Smartone offers various printing options for plastic cards. Not all print options are available for every card thickness. If you are interested in print options, or to determine which options are right for you, contact us (852) 2421-6866 or chat now.


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Hole and Slot Punch on the ID cards

     A typical punch hole is usually used on the ID card or ID badge so that they can be worn, and each plastic card is punched in the same position. Smartone can also customize holes or slots in any size and shape on the plastic card according to your requires.

hole punch plastic cards

     (1) Hole punch

hole punch cards

     Hole punch is convenient for your consumer to carry and often used in plastic keytags, small membership cards or VIP cards. Common hole punch has the following size: 3mm, 4mm,5mm, 6mm, 7mm or as required.

     (2) Slot punch

slot punch plastic cards

     Slot punch allows consumers to simply place your clip or lanyard directly with the slot in the ID badge. Common slot punch has the following size: 15×3mm, 16×3mm or as required.

     (3) Special shaped cards with holes
     We can also customize holes or slots on different types of plastic cards. Welcome to consult us for more information about holes or slots cards.

custom hole punch plastic cards
( hole on the special-shaped VIP card )

hole punch on epoxy cards
( hole punch on the epoxy card )

     Smartone has been making hole and slot punch service for custom plastic cards over 20 years. We have the technology and the experience you need to get great cards. If you have any questions, or want to see samples of each type of hole or slot punch card, please contact us and our card printing experts are here to help you.

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