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M1 Cards

M1 Cards

Smartone specializes in printing Plastic M1 Cards,free making design Plastic M1 Cards over 20 years.We are a professional plastic card manufacturer.


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What is a M1 Card?

     M1 Card is a contactless card embedded with a M1 chip. The M1 chip, called the NXP Mifare1 series, produced by a subsidiary of Philips. There are two types, the chip S50 and S70.
     Custom M1 Cards can also be printed with a wide selection of materials and luxurious special finishes. If you're looking for an affordable way to order beautiful, professional M1 Cards, contact us and our plastic card printing specialists are available to help you get the style right.

M1 Cards Size

Standard Size: 85.5×54mm or on demand.
Bleeding Size: 86.5×56mm
Thickness: 0.76mm

M1 Cards Characteristics

  • High reliability - No mechanical contact with reading and writing equipment,
  • Long lasting - Can be written repeatedly 100,000 times, unlimited read operations.
  • Easy and fast operation - Use without directionality, no plug and unplug, greatly improving the speed of each use
  • Anti-collision - Fast anti-collision mechanism to prevent data interference between cards.

M1 Cards Material

     Most commonly, M1 Cards are used in PVC materials. However, there are a range of unique material available to really make your plastic cards standout.

  • PVC - Made of PVC materials, the size is the same as the bank card. The standard size is 85.5×54 mm and the thickness is slightly thinner than the bank card.
  • ABS - Made from recycled plastic and more durable than PVC, ABS is an excellent choice for high-heat applications or to satisfy eco mandates.
  • PET - PET is used to make pretty cards for a outstanding taste.
  • PETG - A more environmentally friendly card material, which is derived from polyester and is 100% recyclable. PETG is biodegradable and doesn't emit harmful gases.

M1 Cards Finish

     When choosing card finish, there are multiple finish options and looks for M1 Cards. Something to keep in mind is that some printing options only work with certain finishes. If you're not sure which finish is right for your custom card, contact us to discuss your options.

  • Glossy - The layer of gloss UV coating helps to protect the cards from scratches and also adds a brilliant shine to each card as well as boosting the color and contrast of your artwork designs.
  • Matte - For durability and texture, a matte finish is tough to beat. The granular feel of a matte finish makes scratches less noticeable, and can add to the overall warmth and strength of your design.
  • Frosted finished - Frosted cards do not have the sheen of a gloss finish, and offer a smooth and professional appearance that is translucent on clear cards. Available on both clear and solid card stock, frosted finishes have the look and feel of a smooth matte texture.

Personalisation Options

  • magnetic stripe
  • barcode
  • UV spot
  • punch hole
  • hot stamp


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