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Card Videos

Card Videos

Our factory is specifically designed for plastic cards with magnetic stripe, chip encoding, embossing, hot stamping, relief, brushed, spot UV, barcode and other processes. We offer the most popular custom plastic card sample videos for your reference.


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Hot Stamping Transparent Business Card Sample Video

   This video is a hot stamping plastic transparent business card. In order to highlight the hot stamping part, a white ink background is used at the bottom. Our hot stamping technology have gold, silver or other color option that makes your card stand out. From this video, you can directly feel the difference between gold and silver foil, which create a different memorable, modern look. We offer the most popular hot stamping transparent business card sample videos for your reference.

   The thickness of transparent business cards can be selected according to design requirements or personal preferences, and the thickness range is about 0.2-0.8mm. The standard transparent business card is 0.38mm, which is half the thickness of ordinary bank cards of 0.76mm. It is equivalent to about 300 grams of paper thickness and is shipped with rounded corners by default. 

   If you want the design to be the same as traditional paper, it is recommended to choose white opaque pvc material. If you want to break through the conventions, it is recommended to try a transparent material design. Frosted translucent pvc or fully transparent pvc are available for options. Please note that transparency can also be printed on both sides, but you need to consider transparency factors when designing, which is more brainstorming.

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