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In order to make it easier for you to understand and select the plastic card that meets your needs, we will continue to organize professional introductions to the details of plastic cards printing and design.


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What Are The Types Of Plastic Parking Cards?

   A parking card is a smart plastic card with a non-contact IC chip used to record vehicle access, parking, vehicle access time recording and charging. It usually happens when your car enters a parking lot or a community building. They are also called smart parking cards, parking lot ic cards, vehicle access cards, temporary parking cards, monthly parking cards, annual parking cards, owner parking cards, residential parking cards.

Plastic Parking Cards

   According to the requirements of the parking lot, there are many types of plastic parking cards. From the sensing distance, it can be divided into near-distance parking cards and long-distance parking cards. From the card materials, it can be divided into ordinary plastic parking cards and high-temperature parking cards. Let's take a look at the characteristics and differences of these types of plastic parking cards.

Near-distance parking card

   Near-distance parking cards are the plastic parking cards we see when entering and exiting vehicles in residential properties. Their sensing distance is usually between 5mm-10mm, and the card needs to be placed close to the parking sensing area to sense the pole in and out.

Long-distance parking card

   Long-distance parking cards are divided into long-distance IC parking cards and long-distance ID parking cards. The long-distance IC parking card is a special 6c card with a 6C card reader. The readable distance of the card can reach 7M-10M. It does not need to open the car window or the card is close to the sensor area of the card reader.

   The long-distance parking card can be used in common with id ordinary card readers. The card reading distance is up to 7CM-100CM, which is the same as the advantage of IC long distance. Whether it is an IC long-distance card or an id long-distance card, it is greatly convenient to save time in and out of the parking lot and vehicle management.

Ordinary plastic parking card

   Common parking cards are made of PVC materials. If it is an ordinary residential area, hotel, shopping mall parking lot, an ordinary plastic parking card is sufficient.

High temperature resistant parking card

   The high temperature resistant parking card means that all the materials of the parking card are composited with imported high temperature resistant materials, which have superior characteristics of high temperature resistance and folding resistance.

   High temperature resistant materials are PET materials and ABS materials. ABS materials can withstand high temperatures of 90 degrees, and PET materials are 130 degrees. High temperature resistant material parking cards are usually used in areas with high temperature and heat. The zone card is deformed due to high temperature.

   The above are the main types of plastic parking cards. According to the environment and requirements of the parking lot, you can choose the appropriate parking card type. If you want to promote your brand through the plastic parking card, you can also personalize the design on the card surface, such as adding your brand logo, enterprise image, or adding embossing codes, gold bottom, hot stamping and other processes to improve the card surface Grade and enhance visual effects.

Saturday on Oct 10, 2020