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In order to make it easier for you to understand and select the plastic card that meets your needs, we will continue to organize professional introductions to the details of plastic cards printing and design.


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Smart Chip Card Structure

A smart chip card is a plastic card with an embedded chip, the same size as a credit card. It embeds a microelectronic chip in a card base that conforms to the ISO7816 standard to form a smart card. The communication method between the IC card and the rea...

Friday on Oct 23, 2020

What Are The Types Of Smart Card Chips?

Different types of smart cards use different chips. Different types of smart chip cards use different chips. Smart chip cards mainly has the following types: IC chip card, ID chip card and CPU chip card....

Friday on Oct 23, 2020

What Is A Smart Card?

A smart card generally refers to an integrated circuit chip embedded in the card, and the integrated circuit storage unit in the chip can be used for data storage and some corresponding data processing tasks. ...

Thursday on Oct 22, 2020

How To Personalize Plastic Membership Cards?

The personalized membership card design is not only more beautiful and easier to collect, but it also impresses potential customers and remembers it when needed. How to make your plastic membership card be remembered? Here are the following ways to person...

Wednesday on Oct 21, 2020

How To Design A High-Quality Membership Card?

A creative and unique plastic membership card requires not only high-quality card materials, but also special printing techniques....

Tuesday on Oct 20, 2020