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Business Cards

Business Cards

Are you looking forward to custom or buy an affordable business card? Check out our business card cases, we'll offer you the high-quality custom business cards with unique design and printing services to make a great impression on your customers.


Why Smart one?

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  • We work hard to deliver a solution that fits your budget.
  • Unmatched Customer Service
  • 24 hours online and a dedicated Account Manager is there to support you.
  • Deepest Technical Expertise
  • Our team has over 20 years experience in all applications.
  • Short lead time and Hight quality
  • 2500 square meter of dust-free workshop and 4 color Heidelberg printer

Our Business Cards Services

     SmartOne is a leading producer and manufacturer of Plastic Cards. We are the best plastic card maker, supply best solution for business cards. Its range covers Standard Business Card, Transparent Business Card, Photo Business Cards, Metal Business Card, Wood Business Card, etc. SmartOne has our own manufacturing plant, all Custom Business Cards are manufactured according to strict ISO standards and provide short lead-times services for all your business needs.
     We're committed to create more modern and unique business cards with professional and experienced design team and we have the ability of special printing crafts to help customers customize business cards that meet your various requirements, such as Brushed Business Cards, Hot Stamping Business Cards, Spot UV Business Cards, Custom Shape Business Card, etc.

Custom Business Cards Sample Video


What is a plastic business card?

        The plastic business card can be customized with your name, corporate logo, personal photo, website URL, phone and email on fronts, with other introductions text on backs. It could keep on making an impression long after you gave it to prospective customers and remind them of who you are and what you're all about. In a word, PVC business card is the catalyst that will start a brand new business relationship.
        business cards can also be printed with a wide selection of material and luxurious special finishes to make them even more unique. If you're looking for an affordable way to print beautiful, professional business cards, Contact us and our plastic card printing specialists are available to help.


Business Card Size

Standard Business Card Size

        Standard size: 85.5×54mm; Bleeding size is 88.5×57mm.
        The standard thickness is 0.76mm or customized according to customers' needs.
        Different sizes or shapes can be customized for your business card to stand out.


Business Card Characteristics

        Compared to ordinary paper business card, PVC business card is brighter colors, better feel and more practical. It has waterproof, anti-tear, anti-folding, copy rot, sun protection, anti-folding and other advantages. What is important is that it has a higher collection rate and better commercial effect. PVC business cards have also the following characteristics:

  • good temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, bond is firm and not easy to fall off.
  • Comply with ISO7816 standard.
  • Wear resistance times, cycle times > 2,000 times

Custom Business Card Material

        Most business cards are usually made of PVC materials, but there are also Metal, Wood, Laser and other special materials to choose from. SmartOne has the perfect solution to make your custom business cards grab people's attention, such as Custom Shape Business Card, Metal Business Card, Transparent Business Card, Wood Business Card, etc.

Standard business card material Colorful business card material transparent business card material
Ordinary PVC Material Colorful PVC Material Clear Plastic Material
Wood Material Various Laser Business Card Material Metal Material
Wood Material Various Laser Material Metal Material

Custom business card finishes

        When choosing card finish, there are multiple finish options and looks for business cards. Something to keep in mind is that some printing options only work with certain finishes. If you're not sure which finish is right for your custom business card, contact us to discuss your options.

pvc business card with glossy finish pvc business card with matte finish pvc business cards with frosted finished
Glossy gives a shiny and glass-like appearance that enhances the color and vibrancy.
Matte has a soft and non-shiny look, producing an elegant and sophisticate feeling.
Frosted finished
Frosted finished have a rough and granular feeling that makes cards look very noble.
business cards with clear finish Embossing printing business card gold brushed business card
Clear can be made into full-page transparent or partially transparent in various shapes.
After embossing, the text or pattern becomes a relief effect, making the card more vivid.
Our brushed technology has gold, silver or other color option that makes your card stand out.

Personalized Printing Options

custom business card with metal label
Metal Label


High-quality business cards printed quickly for you by Smartone

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to create a design for my business cards?
A: To begin creating your business card, select your preferred card thickness (standard or customized), card finishes (matte, glossy, frosted, brushed or relief ) and corner style (standard or rounded). If you already have a custom design you want to use, send the document to us. If you want to create a new look, contact and tell us the details of any personalisation or notes about your business card. Our professional and experienced design team are here to help.

Q: Do you provide different business card shapes?
A: For sure. Besides traditional look, we offer various pre-designed custom business card template for you to download and creat your business card, or free design a new and unique shape in accordance with your request.

Q: Do you provide the sample for the high quality business cards with the design?
A: Business Card Sample is available on request. If the sample is ready-made, it's free, but if it's on customers' demand, it's rechargeable. Please contact us [email protected] we will respond within 24 hours or less!

Q: How much does it cost to make business cards?
A: SmartOne offer you an affordable business card for sale at factory price. With no minimum order requirements, we can produce your business cards quickly, saving you time and money, and giving you the flexibility to offer limited time campaigns or respond individually to your customers' needs.