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Access Control Cards

Access Control Cards

Are you looking forward to buy an affordable custom access control card? Check out our access control card templates, we'll offer you the high-quality plastic access control cards at facory price, and create unique design for your business.


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What is a Access Control Card?

     Access control card is a contactless card that can be customized to look like staff ID cards with pictures, names and more. It's mainly to prevent the entry and exit of foreign personnel and improve local security. The access control card is mainly used for your employees, students, visitors, or members to enter or unlock a door. In addition, the access control card must be equipped with an access control system.

Access Control Card Types

     Our selection of access control cards includes ID card and IC card. ID card is the most widely used card in the access control system, with the characteristics of long reading distance, high market share and relatively mature technical practice. However, since ID access control card cannot store consumption data, it can only be used to open the door by swipes.

  ID Access Control Card IC Access Control Card
ID Access Control Card
Digits are printed on the card
IC Access Control Card
Both sides are blank and printable
Antenna Coil
The coil of ID access control card is thick and round
The coil is thick and round
The coil of IC access control card is rectangular
The coil is rectangular
Frequency 125KHz 13.56MHz 868MHz
Encryption or Not Unencrypted Unencrypted Half the encryption Encrypted Encrypted
Market Share Most Used Less Used Most Used Less Used Least Used
Available Chips TK4100, IDUA1001, EM4100, low-frequency T5577 chips F08, S50, S70, IISI, 4439, 4442, 4428, 4412, 24C series chips

Access Control Card Sizes

Standard Access Control Card Sizes
Standard Access Control Card Size: 85.5×54mm; Bleeding Size: 88.5×57mm.
Standard Thickness is 0.76mm or can be customized. 
Different sizes or shapes is available for your pvc access control cards to stand out.


Custom Access Control Card Material

      The following PVC materials are often used on pvc access control cards. However, there are many other unique materials that can really make your plastic access control cards standout, including ABS, PET, PETG, etc.

Ordinary PVC material Colorful pvc material Clear pvc material
White PVC material Colorful pvc material Transparent PVC material
Rainbow PVC material Rhombus laser material Various laser material
Rainbow laser material Rhombus laser material Various laser material

Custom Access Control Card Finish

       When choosing card finish, there are multiple finish options and looks for Access Control Cards. Something to keep in mind is that some printing options only work with certain finishes. If you're not sure which finish is right for your custom card, contact us to discuss your options.
pvc access control cards with glossy finish access control cards with matte finish custom access control cards with frosted finished
Glossy gives a shiny and glass-like appearance that enhances the color and vibrancy.
Matte has a soft and non-shiny look, producing an elegant and sophisticate feeling.
Frosted finished
Frosted finished have a rough and granular feeling that makes cards look very noble.
clear access control cards Embossing printing access control cards silver brushed access control cards
Clear can be made into full-page transparent or partially transparent in various shapes.
After embossing, the text or pattern becomes a relief effect, making the card more vivid.
It refers to the drawing effect from different angles after printing with drawing material.

Access Control Card Printing Options

     As a smart cards manufacturer, We not only create the following print options, but can also help you achieve whatever access control cards printing effect you want. The most special print options are the hot stamping process.  The hot stamping (available in gold, silver or laser) is also a better choice to create a memorable, modern look. Please contact us, and you will get what you want ! 

pvc access control cards with metal label
Metal Label
pvc access control cards with anti-fate foil
Anti-fate Foil


High-quality access control cards printed quickly for you by Smartone