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Custom Metal Cards

Custom Metal Cards

Want to print your own metal business cards? Check out our metal card templates, we'll offer you the high quality metal business cards at facory price, and create metal card design as unique as your brand.


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What is a metal card?

     It is a metal card printed with advanced imported copper materials, using leading new process technology, through design, wire cutting mold, stamping, corrosion, printing, polishing, electroplating, color filling, packaging and other precision production operating procedures.
     The metal card shows a noble atmosphere and is a symbol or logo of the distinguished identity of the VIP customers. Metal cards are mainly used in hotels, guesthouses, bath centers, financial consumer places or personal business cards. It's also particularly suitable for making various commemorative cards for commemoration and collection, such as special commemorations such as wedding, celebration, opening, meeting, retirement, etc.

Metal Card Size

metal card size

     The standard thickness is are 0.3mm and 0.5mm or can be customized.
     Different sizes or shapes can be customized to help your metal cards look professional and stand out.


Metal Card Characteristics

  • Fashionable and high-end appearance keep their brand images memorable

  • Various color can be print, such as silver, gold, rose gold, matte black or on requires.

  • Other shapes and sizes of special-shaped cards can be made according to customer requirements.

  • Various exquisite hollow patterns are available, showing high-end and noble temperament.


Choosing Your Metal Card Finishes

     The most common finishes are Brushed metal card and Frosted metal card. Brushed metal card have a luxurious and glittering look, shining the brightness and sheen of metallic. The frosted metal card has a unique appearance and is not expensive.

brushed metal cardFrosted metal cardglossy metal card
Brushed metal cardFrosted metal cardGlossy metal card


Choosing the die cut option

     As a smart card manufacturing expert, we can ensure that the design is perfectly cut out whether it is a logo, a letter, or a pattern. 

metal card with die cut logometal card with die cut letter metal card with die cut lace
die cut logodie cut letterdie cut lace